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"Hate the sin, not the sinner," said Mahatma Gandhi. "Temptation is not a sin, but playing with temptation invites sin," said Fulton Jay Sheen. "You save yourself or you remain unsaved," said Alice Sebold. The world of man always depict and interprets the desires of humans to be sin rather than the act of acting on those desires to be the actual sin.


Blaine is a man made by the sins of his family trying to desperately repent and correct the immoral justifications of his predecessors by raising the newest generation of his family alone. His desire is to be free of the overwhelming burden that had been placed on his shoulders as the new Head of the Taranis Family, one of most influential families amongst the global network of the underworld. Sparing any time outside of this goal, was never a priority.


Treyton is a man of eternal loyalty and faith, born into a Godfather family of Assassins. His only creed in life is to simply serve his Godfather and rise the ranks until he takes over as the new Godfather. His one track mind left little to no room for anything else in his life.


A chance encounter between the two opens a possibility that neither thought about, the chance of having something normal in their own worlds of death, desire, and sins. Their arrangement only reminds them that once stepping foot into the darkness, you can only drag yourself back into the light broken and bloody, or fall deeper into it.


Genre: Fiction

SubGenre: Erotica

Language: English

Pages: 376

Paperback ISBN: 9798218953577

Falling Deeper by Valmry | Limited Edition - Signed