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My Own Inspiration!

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Introducing new stories with watch and tip jar!!

These stories include:

Avowing Sovran

A promise made real after 20 years, Sovran shows up and shatters the world Archer has made for himself. Not only does he intrude on his professional life, he also decides to intrude on his personal one as well. Torn between trusting him with a part of himself he had chosen to lock away and just trying to get him out of his life for his own good, he gets stuck in place.

Should he let go of the years behind him and move forward, or should he just let go of the one truth that had remained after all those years?

Where We Go

When an accidental release of a novel hits the market, Kuri has to face the reality of everyone she knows finding out about her crush and sleeping with her brother's best friend. When he shows up at her apartment, she tries to decide if she needs a reality check or just needs to get laid.

Will, after sleeping with his best friend's sister, suffers a crushing heartbreak when she disappears. When she releases a novel based on him, all hell breaks loose as her brother tries to get involved between them once more. It's only when Nue prompts him, does he end up back in her life. Does he really want to go down this road once more, or should he just do what's expected of the best friend of her brother?

And more to to come!!


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