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Inspiring Artists!

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I wanted to take some time to highlight some awesome business I have come across!! Others are just artists or people who are doing some amazing things! Go check them out and you never know, you may need them one day!!

Rasr playlist, he uses his art and music to inspire others!!

My review:

Victoria Gurnee (SpartanValkyrie)

5 reviews

2 days ago NEW-Edit Very flexible as far as availability, consideration for starting businesses, and good pricing. I’ve never had issues with deadlines not being met, nor work not meeting standards, highly recommended!!

SCCS group - Small Content Creators Support Proactively supporting small talented artists. Right now we are waiting for the group to reach the size of 1000 Members. Once we have that number, we will start featuring one deviant artist per day.

There will be more to come!! For now I would like to highlight some new singers I like to listen to and some really good playlists or music video makers!!


Jeremy Camp

Jacob Lee

Tommee Profitt & Nicole Serrano

Tommee Profitt

Alec Benjamin




Cash Cash

Jason Walker


Jake Scott




Hiroyuki Sawano

There are many more to come as I search going forward!! If you know anyone you want to promote feel free to post as well!!


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