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Today's theme is Favorite Things, so I will be covering my own favorite games. I recently checked out the Switch estore. Now we know the Wii and 3ds estore is ending soon, I'm not sure if this also applies to the Switch but they are offering an online deal membership package for all older console games to be experienced at your leisure.

For those of you still on the edge on whether or not they think a switch is worth getting, I have to agree that it is. Here are my reasons why:

  1. Go anywhere with it. It acts like my oh so favorite handheld I had when I was a kid. Can be plugged in anywhere like a universal phone, can connect to TV, has regular console devices available for those who want one, and has many distinct features that allow easy access and gameplay.

  2. Estore downloads. No more having to go to the main store. Just use internet and download. When your done and want to play another game? All you gotta do is archive it and remove. Then you can go back and download it later. It uses cloud space.

  3. Convivence with Pokémon. So you know how you always had to have another console to do these trades? Now there is Pokémon Home. So you do your thing, download the Pokémon on ur profile and then switch off. It's super simple. Speaking of Pokémon, the newer game is finally out and I love the concept. Pokémon Arceus.

  4. Profiles. No longer need to hide from your kids because you can put a lock on your settings. Finally able to play with multiple people on the same console, up to four. Families will like games that utilize family time since its easy to connect controllers.

  5. Controller sync. Finally, a system that has a specific way to let you select how you want to play your games. Lost a controller? Just deselect it and choose another. Want to play single, or with multiple people, you can select which controllers you want in which order. Awesome right?

  6. RPG's, MMORPG, etc. These newer games I like are mostly open world. There have been a lot of interesting games so far so if you have missed out make sure to check it out!

Here's a general list of the games I can go back to and play:

Pokémon Series & Snap


Final Fantasy 7 and 9, 10, 3


Digimon Cyber Sleuth & hackers memories


BO3 Zombies

Dragon Age 1-3

Assassins Creed Series

Monster Hunter Series

The Witcher

Fallout Series

Kingdom Hearts Series

Need for Speed Rivals

Nier Automata



Nintendo 64 Switch Online- Play older 64 games


Harvest Moon-One World

Little Dragon's Cafe

Luigi's Mansion

Hyrule Warriors

Dragon's Dogma

Ultima Online

Mass Effect Series

Halo Series


There are a few more that I currently have no access to.


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